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About us

Our role as your finance professional is to guide you through the process ensuring all your needs are considered, which best suits your circumstances at the present time and future.

We have access to a large panel of lenders and their products including Australia’s big banks and non- banking lenders. We are with you every step of the process whether you are buying your first home or next home and investing or refinancing.

We believe in always striving to maximise customer satisfaction with a goal to provide that excellence in service that everybody deserves. We will help you in all aspects of your finance with your needs in mind – we do it all to build a long-term relationship with our clients so you can confidently trust our professional service.

Even after obtaining your loan, as a part of our service, we continue to keep track of the mortgage market to ensure that your loan remains competitive. We are committed to our work and keen to help you owning your dream home.

Call us on 0423 887 386 to receive a level of service that you won’t get from your bank.

Personalised service

We offer personalised service depending on the needs of the individual. When you visit us, we assure to take care of all of your needs that requires attention to detail.

Variety of choice

We know that every individual have their own unique needs. We will give various loan options and you can choose the one that is best for you.

Expert advice

With the recognised industry qualification and years of experience in this industry, we will guide you through to make the right decision, depending on your finance needs and financial situation.

Recognised service

With the years of experience in this industry we have been recognised with multiple excellence awards. This proves that you can trust us with the quality of service that we provide to our clients.
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“With fully-qualified and experienced professionals at Better Choice, you will truly benefit from our excellent understanding of finance and financial services.”

– Surendra Sedhai | Director

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